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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Kanhangad Ashram Details

KANHANGAD - 671315
Phone: 0467-2208986

How to reach:
Kanhangad is in the border of Kerala/Karnataka and falls in Kerala State. Nearest airport/railway station/bus stand is Mangalore. From Mangalore it is about 70 kms and takes about an hour to two by bus/train.

Almost all trains going to Kerala pass through Kanhangad station.

All trains going towards Kerala via Mangalore passes through Kanhangad station.

You can directly call up on the above given ashram numbers to check availability of rooms in the ashram in advance for your convenience. Food and accommodation is taken care by the ashram but one can contribute something to the ashram at the end of the stay in the form of balbhojan. Any amount affordable to you can be contributed at the office and a receipt taken for the same.

  • Silence and moments with the self would be very beneficial.
  • Even just sitting in the divine places like the caves, in Swami Jnanananda's Room, in the Nityananda Samadhi temple will bring in fulfilling experiences.
  • The ashram expects one to attending all activities and adhere to meal timings in the ashram.
  • Guruvan is about 5 kms from the ashram and one should visit this place, where Bade Baba did his tapas, where you could take a bath in the Papanashini Ganga (the water that sprung after Bade Baba hit the rocks with his hands) and also you can meditate near the holy natural cave there.
  • The ashram conducts regular homams, abhishekham and pujas at reasonable contributions and you may want to do it.
  • You also may wish to contribute to the bhandara prasad if you like and also towards Bal Bhojan (something Bade baba and Babaji are very particular about).
  • A note worth mentioning here is that whoever comes to Bade Baba with satvik needs, especially for spiritual growth, one will surely be blessed by Baba owing to the bhaava in the heart and mind of the seeker.
  • Bade Baba had mentioned that anyone meditating in these caves shall have good spiritual progress.
  • About the plans on the visit, there is nothing to plan.. make an intention, take yourself off for the number of days you plan to visit and then set out.. HE WILL DO THE REST.
If any help you need to visit this place you can contact me

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Anonymous said...

i am very happy to view the beautiful photo of Bhagwan's statue in Kanhagad mandir after a long time.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please advise me of places to stay at Kanhangad for a few days to Visit Baba's Temple.Does Baba's Ashram also has accommodation arrangements ?


Jacob said...

yes dear soul. Accommodation with toilet/bathroom and food facilities are available in the ashram itself. Please call up the ashram in advance to intimate them. Namo Nityananda.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information,my family visited Baba's Ashram yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hi I am trying to call, but it is busy. Myself and one other devotee would like to stay this Sunday night, Jan 8, 2012. Do you have rooms available at this time. Thanks so much if you can send an email if accommodation is available. Jai Nityananda Shaktim from Ganeshpuri

Jacob said...

have sent you a mail. Namo Nityananda.

sanjay said...

Hi Jacob, I like to visit Karunakara Swamiji in mumbai, that you had visited in one of the blog u mention. Could you please share detail about place like location and contact detail how to visit and get blessing from Karunakara Swamiji.

Jacob said...

Sure you may visit there. It is in a place called Dharavi (Mumbai). Once you reach Dharavi, you need to ask for 'Labour Camp' which is one of the largest slums of the world. In Labour Camp, you can ask anybody about Labour Camp and you will be guided to his place. If you need any further assistance, please write to me and i will put in touch with you a local person in Mumbai, who can guide you on phone, but this number will only be given if you have any prob finding the place after reaching there. You may write to me:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I¨m very happy to find this place where to find informtation about how to visit Nityananda ashram, thank you!. My wife and I are planning a trip to India in October. We are excited to visit the ashram and sacred caves!. With your explanation was very clear to us how to reach the ashram. Also, we want to take panchakarma treatment and wanted to know if there is any ayurvedic clinic or hospital that you can recommend us. With much gratitude, Dami├ín

Jacob said...

Dear Anonymous... I am not very sure of these but i had once heard about panchakarma close by. When you reach the ashram the ashram people will help you with this.. Namo Nityananda! if you need any further help, you can always write to me -

Anonymous said...


I am planning to go in pilgrimage next year 2014 (January-February) with around 10 other devotees, and I would like to know if you have accommodation and food available for us. If not, is there other places to stay in order to visit the Nithyananda Temple and caves? My email:

Jacob said...

Dear Soul,

Sure, there would be rooms available. You would have to just remind in December and i could guide you further. Food is simple food that is available three times in the ashram. Please let know in advance a month or so before your date of travel and will surely help you on this. You further write on if you need anything else that i can be of service. Thank you.

Unknown said...

Hello Chitra..really nice blog :)
Will definitely pay visit to Kanhagad ashram whenever I’ll visit Mangalore.
Though, being a budget traveller, i'll look for budget hotels in Mangalore. Keep blogging!!

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Kanhangad Ashram Details

SWAMI NITYANANDA ASHRAM PUBLIC TRUST (Regd.) KANHANGAD - 671315 KASARGOD DIST, KERALA Phone: 0467-2208986              0467-325196...