Monday, April 25, 2011

Statue at New Guruvan Temple

I just returned from my Shirdi visit tonight and was happy to recall that the next morning the statue of Baba Nityananda was coming to the place where i live!
A page of the invitation to devotees
The new temple was being constructed all this while and we could see it's progress in all our previous four visits to Guruvan, Kanhangad. Was happy to receive the invitation from Swami Vijayananda of Anandashram, Bevinkoppa, Bailhongal and from  Kanhangad ashram for "Avdhoot Bhagawan Nityananda Aaradhana Swarna Mahotsav - 2011" where the statue of Bade Baba would be installed in the new temple at Guruvan on May 5, 2011. As i wondered if i could make it or not for the statue installation, Swamiji while giving me the invite, pleasantly told me that the statue would pass from here on April 25th and there would be a small welcoming function to honor Bhagwan's statue. i checked my travel plans and was happy to know that i would be arriving back just the night before the statue would come and was happy about it.

Jyostna Pai with her husband waiting for the statue
i was very happy to know this as i could have a glimpse of Bade Baba before He reaches Guruvan itself! Just after Swamiji left i received a call from Mrs. Jyostna Pai, who runs a hotel business here and we had got strangely connected about three years ago. Jyostnaji is the granddaughter of Mr.& Mrs Devraj Pai, who were the direct disciples of Bade Baba and they both used to be in seva of Bade Baba. Bhagwan used to call Shri Devraj Pai as "headmaster" and this blessed couple would reach regular meals to Bade Baba in the days Baba meditated in the caves of Kanhangad. 
Shri/Smt Devraj Pai (center)
Jyostnaji used to tell me the stories of her grandmother and grandfather with Bade Baba. We used to use her hotel conference hall meditation/satsangs. She was the one who initiated satsangs for Bade Baba in this place which now is regular on every Thursdays at another devotee's place. It was evident that why Bhagwan's statue was coming to her place :)  i happily told her that i would surely be there and looked forward to go there after my Shirdi visit.

Today morning, at around 9 a.m. i reached the place and met Swami Vijayanand along with Tom, a devotee, who had come from England and was staying in Kanhangad for a while and then now with Swami Vijayanand. 

As the statue approached, crackers lit up and there was a band playing a devotional song :) all in their own flavor and devotion. i looked at the beautiful black panchaloha statue that was seated firmly on the silver-decorated chariot with 7 horses that covered the vehicle and looked like a moving silver chariot. As the statue reached the venue, He was garlanded and arti's performed. Everyone was in their happiness and devotion, while Bade Baba remained seated in an expression that displayed his open eyes and body to be in a state of samadhi.

We all then moved up to the hall where there were devotional songs sung by devotees and with few words spoken by the concerned people, prasadam was served. Swamiji then gave us prasad from Ganeshpuri. After a few about 2 hours, the vehicle proceeded further and he went along with the statue while the devotees from Anand ashram returned to Bailhongal.

Swamiji told me they are expecting huge crowds from all over and i know it will be as all the places are already booked. As i was riding my bike back home, i knew that whether i make it or not for the inauguration was no concern for me now, for i had a glimpse and the taste of His power and love through the statue even before Baba sat there in Guruvan Temple :)

Namo Nityananda!

To download the chant ~ "Om Namo Bhagwathe Nitayanandaya"  Click here 
To download the background song click here

Program Details:

24 April 2011 - The statue was inaugurated by Sri. K. Shankarnarayan, Governor of Maharastra in the temple complex of Ganeshpuri

25 April 2011 - Welcoming & Mahapooja in the presence of Swami Vijanananda at Belgaum (this current article) Proceeded to Hubli, Mastikatte, Ankola, Bhatkal.

26 April 2011 - Arrival at Kodavoor, Thotadamane Temple complex of Shirdi Saibaba, Udupi. At Nityananda Mandir Mutt, Udupi - Pallapooja, mangalarathi, balabhojan and annasantharpane, spiritual discourse, Bhajan, Gurupooja & Prasad.

27 April 2011 - Uchila, Padubidri,Mulki, Surathkal, Mangalore, Manjeshwar, Kondevoor, Uppala, Kumble, Kasargod, Kanhangad. Mahapooja & Prasad.

28 April 2011 - Procession to Guruvan by 10:30 a.m.

3 May, 2011 - Religious rituals at Guruvan, Kanhangad

4 May, 2011 - Gapapathi Homa and other rituals.

5 May, 2011 - Inauguration, honoring of sevaks who have served Bhagwan Nityananda, Moorthi pratistapana, Brahmakalasha, Mahapooja and Maha Anna Santharpana, Keertan by ISCON, Udupi, honoring of devotees who made the new temple possible. Religious sabha.


  1. it must be a great experience....i would wish to have it...

  2. hukamichand laddad bade baba nityanad ki etni mahiti dhekhaneper mera man bahut shant ho gaya ap sabhiko mai khoob dhanyavad deta hun


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